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Noninvasive Varicose Vein Treatment in Miami, Florida


“Dr. Gurvich is great. I had excellent results. Before seeing Dr. Gurvich I went somewhere else and the results where not nearly as good. Dr. Gurvich is gentle and caring, and the cost was very reasonable.”
With over 20 years of experience, Varicure Vein Center is one of Southern Florida’s oldest medical practices that specializes in treating varicose and spider veins without surgery.​

Healthy Legs Don’t Look Like Road Maps

If you’re prone to dark or protruding varicose or spider veins, you know how embarrassing the condition can feel. You can regain confidence in your legs with the most advanced and clinically proven technique of microsclerotherapy. The best part? It involves no painful surgeries.

Direct Doctor Treatment

All the evaluations and treatments are personally performed by medical doctors licensed by the State Board of Medicine and not by nurses, physician assistants or other technicians.

Walking You Through the Process

Our physicians will walk you through each procedure to ensure that you feel at ease from start to finish. They will thoroughly evaluate your condition and present you with the best course of action.

Pain-Free Experience

For the vast majority of our patients, the medical treatment causes very little discomfort or is virtually pain free because we only use the smallest and finest disposable FDA-approved needles, and not the painful saline-injections.

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Are you tired of hiding your veins? Schedule an appointment with our staff to find out how our experienced team can transform the way you look and feel about your legs.