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Compression Stockings and Varicose Veins

Compression Stockings
Anyone suffering from a medical condition will likely become familiar with the specific equipment or gear that can aid them in their recovery or keep them comfortable. Compression stockings are that equipment when the concern is varicose veins. But some people with this uncomfortable condition may wonder if the effort of wearing the compression stockings is worth their time. Here is what you should know.

Preparation Before Vein Treatment 

Some people receive instructions from their insurance company or their doctor to wear the stockings while they wait for treatment. An insurer may even require it before they will approve other treatments. But you should know that while people who use the socks often have less discomfort and the socks could help to prevent more severe problems, compression garments do not heal varicose veins.

Compression stockings simply improve blood circulation by adding pressure to the lower legs and the feet where the blood can pool in the veins, which is what leads to the veins becoming visible. The pressure from the socks pushes the blood back up the legs so blood circulates more easily. The reduced swelling alleviates some of the pain and pressure.

Recovery After Vein Treatment

Patients will also need to use compression stockings after professional vein treatment. The hosiery can help to relieve discomfort, but the circulation benefits are the most important reason to wear the stockings. Good blood flow helps bodies to heal faster and prevents the development of blood clots.

The doctor will explain how long the patient should wear their stockings and help them to choose the length and level they need. For example, patients may need thigh-high length compression stockings if the treatment included veins above the knee. The level refers to the strength of the compression. Many patients will need a firm compression stocking after their treatment.

Prevention of Varicose Veins

The stockings cannot heal varicose veins, but they may prevent them from forming. People at an elevated risk for varicose veins could benefit from this preventative method. Some examples of at-risk people would be people that spend a lot of hours a day on their feet for work, people with circulation problems, and pregnant women.

Compression stockings are not the only preventative available. Exercising, avoiding standing or sitting in one position for extended periods of time, and keeping a healthy weight also help to reduce the odds of developing varicose veins. Not smoking or wearing high heels or tight clothing is also beneficial.

Patients who have undergone treatment should also consider wearing the compression garments after they have healed to prevent recurring issues. No medical treatment exist that prevent new varicose veins from forming after a removal. The remaining veins in the body are as much at risk from developing blood flow problems as the other veins were unless the patient makes changes.

Danger in Some Circumstances

Compression garments may be dangerous for diabetics who have nerve damage that causes people to have less feeling in their extremities. Diabetics often have difficulty detecting problems their feet, and they could have serious issues with circulation if a compression stocking rolled down and became too tight or some other problem occurred without a person knowing.

People with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) should also avoid compression stockings. The clothing could worsen PAD, a disease that already makes it difficult for the extremities to get an adequate blood supply. The stockings could cause problems with the blood flowing down the legs.

Doctors never recommend that people use compression stockings to avoid surgery.  At VariCure Vein Center, we use non-invasive methods that are safe and need no downtime. We know that the ease of the treatments is much better than living with the uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. Contact us to learn more, so you can be back to baring your legs again.